Updates on a New Normal

I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties the past few days.  We have a new little one that needs constant attention and someone (me, the someone is me) to get up multiple times a night.  I’ve also started substitute teaching and doing the occasional babysitting for another foster mom.


It’s less busy than it sounds.  My head is filled with times and dates for appointments, visitations, jobs, a nap penciled in for sometime next month, but overall I’m starting to earn my domesticity badges by working the home front.  I’ve even leveled up in dishes.  Surprisingly, I don’t hate it.


There’s a lot of repetition in maintaining a home, and when you’re living it instead of visiting home around your career, it picks up a rhythm.  The domestic things that were once so irritating after a long day’s are now moving up the ranks.  It’s not something extra I feel obligated to do after my primary duty to my career; it’s its own purpose and separate fulfillment.


There is one thing for sure, there are a lot of starts and stops.  I have a small window of opportunity to get out and feed the animals every day (forget it if I have to muck out the goat shed or refill the duck pool).  If I thought I had to reheat my coffee a dozen times before, this is a thousand times worse.  My Contigo thermos has kept me sane these past few days.  Honestly, who needs a $150 Ember thermos, when you can spend $10 (on sale by the way), get something that does the job, and spend the extra cha-ching on better coffee?  I’ll have to do a thermos comparison at some point because there is definitely a market for a great, cost effective thermos for the mom of small children!

I know I’m all over the place today (call it sleep deprivation).  The last plug I’m going to do is for This Undeserved Life by Natalie Brenner.  My giveaway ended today and two winners were selected to receive a copy of her brand new book coming out on September 18th!  I was able to read an advance copy of This Undeserved Life, and I found it very relatable and candid.  Natalie has dealt with infertility, adoption, loss, and betrayal while working in ministry.  Even though the giveaway has ended, you can still order the book at a discounted rate for the next couple days.


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