Foster Care Announcement Ideas

It takes months to become licensed for foster care, so when you finally receive your license, you want to share the news!  Not everyone will feel comfortable announcing this publicly, but there are a couple benefits if you do (and let’s add a little disclaimer that you shouldn’t share identifying information about a child once you’ve been placed with someone.  That would be a no-no.).   I think the biggest plus is to make most people in your life aware of what you’re doing so there will be fewer in person questions when acquaintances see you with a child you didn’t have last week.  This way, you’ve already announced it and prepared your friends on how to act appropriately when they see you with a new placement so no one is tempted to say something harmful to the child.  The other benefits are that friends will know how to support you, and it could help inspire others to consider foster care as well.

Home Study Announcement


Completed home study paper in the form of a heart

No Morning Sickness!


Waiting for a Child


Whichever Shoe Fits

whichever one fits announcement - Google Search

Share Your New Room Setup 


Share a picture of the bedroom you’ve prepared for future foster children

Share Your Heart for Foster Care

love (2)






Use Your Pets to Create a Cute Announcement

Image result for foster care announcement


Discreetly Announce When You Receive a Placement


Create a FAQ with Your Post

Sometimes people don’t know how to act around a person they’ve known for a long time that suddenly has a new addition.  They don’t know what to say, they feel they should acknowledge the foster care part of it in some way, or their natural curiosity gets them in trouble.  Sharing frequently asked questions or what prompted you to become a foster parent can help teach people how to respond.

FAQ (1)



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