Still Orphans is a spiritual reference to how we all start out on a level playing field, estranged from God, before being adopted through Christ as sons and daughters.  It is also a tribute to what inspired the author to first look into foster care, which was the impact of spending several months teaching kindergarten to orphans in South America.  This website is devoted to providing information about foster care and encouraging foster parents who are in the trenches.  Please join one foster mom’s day-to-day journey through the ups and downs of parenting.



Meet the Author

I am a teacher and a parent.  I require a constant stream of coffee, and my motto is “death before decaf.”  Our family tries to enjoy simple, country life which means goats, ducks, and gardening.  Most importantly, we love Jesus and love children.  Thank you for reading and coming along for the journey where there’s rarely a dull moment.


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