Onesies NOT to Buy Your Foster Baby

I was shopping today at Hobby Lobby and saw several wall hangings with beautiful messages.  There were a few that I thought would have special meaning in my foster daughter’s room.  I gravitated towards wall hangings with messages like “the battle is not yours but God’s” and “she is more precious than rubies.”

It got me thinking about how you see things differently as a foster parent.  Usually it’s the reverse: you see a t-shirt in the store with a message that just isn’t appropriate for a foster child’s situation.  So just because I think it’s interesting to view everyday items in a new light, I went online and looked around to see if I could find onesies that can take on a new meaning for foster families.

Drinking Onesies

There are a surprising amount of mommy and daddy drinking onesies.  I realize they’re humorous outfits, but it stops being humorous when mom has a legitimate drinking problem or you have a child with fetal alcohol syndrome.

Baby Gifts Fayfaire Boutique Quality I Drink Until I Pass Out 0-6M

Image result for parenting onesieImage result for mommy drinks because onesieImage result for just like mommy onesieImage result for daddy's maybe onesie

Just Like Mommy

It’s always awkward getting outfits with “my mom is my bestie” and “Daddy’s little helper,” but it’s even more awkward when the trait being compared to mom or dad isn’t necessarily a positive characteristic.

Image result for drama from my mama onesie

Image result for sassy like mom onesieImage result for just like mommy onesieCrazy Dog TShirts - I Get It From My Mama Funny Mom Mother Baby Infant Creeper Bodysuit

Witch In Training Mom and Baby Matching Shirts White Baby Bodysuit


Anything describing the child’s family, especially their permanency is an outfit I try to avoid.

Image result for if you met my family onesie

Image result for family forever onesie


A couple of these are very popular shirts right now that have a totally different meaning for foster children.

Image result for i still live with my parents onesie

Image result for i survived my parents onesie

Parents For Sale Slightly Damaged Bodysuit

Design With Vinyl Cute Baby Clothes Love Mom Novelty Baby Shower Gift

A Question of Paternity

Image result for who's my daddy onesie

Image result for daddy's maybe onesie

Image result for daddy's onesie

Crazy Dog TShirts - Proof Funny Shirts for Babies Cute Matching Mom and Dad Tees Baby Romper Bodysuit


While I do think these are kinda cute, they might hit too close to home for some.

Image result for prison onesie

Image result for 9 months onesie

I hope you enjoyed the list.  If you see a shirt that should make it on the list, send it to


“Blessed is She Who Remains Steadfast Under Trial” Necklace

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