Looking Towards 2018

It’s the new year, and if I learned anything from 2017, it’s to embrace life.  My whole life I’ve lived in anticipation of that one thing I was going to do, that singular mission, that answer to why the good Lord put me on this earth.  I put my blinders on and dove headfirst into teaching until with the close of 2017, my career also ended.


And so this year, instead of defining myself by one main thing, I’m expanding my horizons.  My primary goal for 2018 is to make memories.  I mentioned before that, especially early on in my career, I didn’t have many memories outside of working.  This year I want to have date nights with my husband, build forts in the living room, push aside the papers and play with the kids instead.  I want to embrace fulfillment in a meal around the table and a new milestone our foster daughter has reached.  I want to live simply.


The moments I’m looking forward to the most are a basket of fresh eggs, an apron of berries, and a warm pile of kids on the couch in the morning.  It’s really the small things that I plan on grabbing hold of this year.  And in all of it, I want to replace that pressure I always felt for this or that deadline with a heart overflowing with gratitude.


Happy New Years, everyone.  May peace be in your homes and gratitude in your hearts.

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