6 Online Licensing Renewal Resources

We’ve been working on getting everything in order to renew our foster care license.  In honor of that, I’ve compiled a list of resources to get you those training hours!


Quality Parenting Initiative

QPI  “is an approach to strengthening foster care, by refocusing on excellent parenting for all children in the child welfare system.”  They do conferences around the US and also have videos online.

You can search for QPI in your state.  Click here for Florida’s site.

Foster Parent College

This website is likely to be recognized by your agency.  It’s a little more professional.  They have several classes to choose from, and the classes are about $5 a credit (many classes are 2 credits).

Foster Care and Adoption Community

This is the website that our agency had us use when we did our initial licensing training hours.  It has articles and test questions in order to pass a class.  I found some good information here that I’ve used since.  And let’s be honest, one of the nice things about this kind of site is that you can get 4 hours of training for a course that takes about a quarter of that time to complete.

Foster Care EDU

This site provides free webinars with a live trainer.  You sign up for a class on a particular date and then have to remember to be online for it.  If you like the personal touch, this site is for you.

Foster Training

This site offers unlimited courses for an annual fee.  The annual cost is $12.49, so it really is more affordable than many other courses.  I would probably do a quick check that this site is accepted at your agency before taking the plunge.

Foster Club

The Foster Club’s focus is low cost, trauma-informed course material.  They stand out by offering a forum for foster carers to interact.



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