Christmas Gift Ideas for Bio Parents

It’s that time of year that I keep a mental shopping list running in my head.  One gift that I’ve been thinking about is what to get for my foster daughter’s parents.  Since she’s an infant, this list will be geared towards younger kids.


I’m a big believer that all children should have quality photos of themselves, especially if they’ve spent time in foster care where that’s sometimes overlooked in all the bustle.  You can go out and have professional photos taken, or you can set up your own shoot.  Some of the easiest photos for infants would be Christmas lights or ornaments, Santa hat, and basket if it’s a baby who can’t sit up yet.  Here are some examples from around the web:

Related imageImage result for infant christmas photo shoot ideas

Related imageRelated image

Hand print/ Footprint Art

When my son was a couple weeks old, my mom and I made adorable footprint mugs.  She went out and got any microwave safe mug (probably from a thrift store), made the footprint with gloss enamel paint, popped it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350º, and sprayed it with an acrylic sealer.  You can see detailed instructions for that here: DIY Handprint Mug.  It’s been about 4 years since we made those mugs, and I still have mine (although I’ve used it regularly and the paint has chipped some.  I think we may have forgotten the acrylic sealer step).

Image result for diy handprint mug

Here are a few more adorable ideas:

Related imageImage result for christmas gifts from babyImage result for christmas gifts from babyImage result for christmas gifts from baby


Christmas Ornament

If you went to public school, you’re probably an expert in making ornaments for your parents.  It’s a long standing tradition.  Here are some of my favorite DIY ornaments:


Fingerprint Gingerbread Man Ornament for your Christmas Tree or a keepsake gift idea to share with a love one this holiday season. #eduspin #gingerbread #christmasornaments


If you’d like to do something a little more involved (great for those who are crafty), you could put together a keepsake.  There are many ideas from reusing old clothes to making wall art from scribbles.

Things to do with old baby clothes...I totally need to do this with Solomon's baby clothes!  They're just sitting and I don't know what to do with them!  It's NOT like I'm having another baby!!!  LOL

Stocking from baby clothes (these would have to be from clothing you’ve purchased yourself)

buttons made from old baby clothes

This is an easier project for old clothing- heart made  from old buttons

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this....turn you child's scribbles into artwork. I hate throwing away their first 'pictures' even though they are just scribbles on paper. Turn them into a keepsake.

LOVEbaby hand and double footprint OUTprint by handprintlady

Hand and Footprint Casting Art

Have Kids Pick Out a Gift

If you have a child who can do some shopping, give them some money to pick out a gift for his or her parents.  It can be a fun activity for the child and a teachable moment on giving and spending.


Whatever you do or don’t do as far as gifts are concerned, enjoy your holidays and take lots of pictures!



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